Graduated in 2004 by the Architecture Faculty of Lisbon University. Has developed a pioneering work in the area of natural ecological materials, specializing in strawbale construction, wood, earth and natural plasters. In 2008, she creates Terrapalha studio where she explores the sensitive construction with the place, cooperative, artisanal, with natural materials, abundant and autochthonous. Regularly, she provides building workshops with straw, natural plaster, mud and adobe, and is invited to be a guest speaker at events of construction and sustainability. She participates in pioneering construction works with straw and integrates European research teams. In 2017 she developed in partnership with Tamera Ecovillage a technical system of pre-fabricated rice straw panels fully tested by Itecons engineering laboratory. Collaborates since 2012 with the organization of the Boom Festival. In 2011 and 2013 exhibited land-art habitable with natural materials in Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation garden in Lisbon. She is “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” consultant and her Architectural projects have in common the use of natural biobased materials.

She is interested in the integrity of the processes, the essential, the craft, the sacred, the beauty, the place, the community, the ecology, the tradition and at the same time the pioneering. Her knowledge is as much design-based as it is practical and constructive.