Arquitectura e construção com materiais naturais por Catarina Pinto.

Natural Achitecture and Buildings by Catarina Pinto.


Architect Catarina Pinto created Terrapalha studio for her natural BioArchitecture concept.
Based in Sintra with projects in Portugal and Europe, the mission is to improve life quality with healthy, ecological solutions for new buildings and renovation using local, bio-based natural materials: earth, straw, wood, hemp, bamboo, stone, lime techniques.
This design and construction method intends to eliminate indoor air pollutants, promote natural methods of construction, and meet stringent energy, health and environmental guidelines.

Catarina Pinto


About our projects


BioArchitecture with ecological natural materials

We have been working with stone, clay, lime, straw and wood since 2007 and during that time the general interest in organic building materials has grown tremendously. We want to spread our expertise and solutions for healthy, sustainable, organic construction services and building materials. We also provide natural building trainings for hands-on experience and méthods.

healthy and ecological construction



Architectural and Engineering projects

We develop the several phases of an architectural project. From the preliminary project, to licensing procedures, execution project and technical assistance on site. To our services we can add the competences of experienced partners to offer a complete service, with the various engineering specialties developed and thought in team, always with an ecological criteria.

Old buildings renovation

Rehabilitation of old buildings with an ecological approach. Restoration, reinforced thermal insulation, traditional plasters, efficient windows frames. Projects that value the existing building, giving a new comfort and an contemporary experience.

Ecological finishes and paints

We advise and supply building materials for ecological finishes and paints. Plasters and paints in lime and in clay, natural pigments, earthen floors, lime floors, Moroccan tadelakt, ecological varnishes.

Strawbale construction

We are specialized in construction with straw, with a professional path in Europe and Portugal, we know the various techniques and the state of the art to better suit each case. Our experience allows us to develop the right project and monitor the quality on site.

EcoCocoon . Prefabricated panels

We represent EcoCocoon prefabricated straw wall elements. Wooden framework and thermal insulation straw of high quality. Easy and quick installation with a superior energy efficiency, that can achieve Passivhaus standard.

Consulting and Training

We provide counseling and consulting services so you can make informed choices and find customized solutions. We organize training courses of natural construction and lectures for different contexts and audiences: builders, architects, engineers, autobuilders, owners, students, etc.


Natural materials invite us to express ourselves . They are abundant, beautiful, healthy and biodegradable. The Art as a manifesto for the awareness of the use of natural resources and ecological construction. We can create infinitely.

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